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If you want a long loop walk this is it. Start from the Duck Pond (S/F on map) as you will want to linger there after your walk. Walk toward the bay along the street. In spring, the parking lot next to the ranger station is closed so that the Kildeer can nest. You may see one on the gravel but look carefully as they look a lot like gravel themselves. Walk across the bridge where you may see turns fishing in the outlet of the large pipe that goes under the road. turn left and walk along the leavy, taking in the views on both sides. The walk continues parallel to the airport runway and then turns left and goes across the end of the runway. This can be exciting if a plane is taking off. It can also be almost impassible in winter due to the mud. You may see hawks nesting in the power towers on your right as you make the turn. There will be a water channel on your right as you walk and the golf course on your left. Follow the golf course around. There will be a little league field on your right as you make your way back to Embarcadero. Walk along the grass next to the golf course as long as you can. The last part next to the airport is on the street but this is very lightly traveled and should not be a problem. At the T intersection, turn left and return to the duck pond.