I purchased two pictures for my wife’s birthday. One was of cranes that fit well with an Asian theme in our dining room. I also bought a dragonfly for our lake cabin. Allen did a great job printing and framing these on short notice. His pictures bring together his appreciation of birds and their habitat with his expertise in the photographic process from beginning to end. The result is very pleasing.

Bob B. Saratoga, CA

We purchased six pictures of shore birds for our beach house and are thrilled with the balance of color and light that show off these beautiful birds. One of the things we love about your photos, is the fact that these pictures feature local birds. Your photos of local wildlife in their natural settings have captured part of what makes Northern California such a special place for us.

Sally and Craig N. Palo Alto

I was so taken Allen’s photography that I ordered two - the avocets - for my fiance's birthday (we are both birders and lovers of birds). The enlargements are amazing in their detail and vivid color! Each photo is not just a picture of a bird, but a beautifully captured instant in that bird's activity, part of a story. Obviously Allen loves birds as much as he loves photography. The avocet recipient was thrilled and ordered another photo immediately.


Allen Edwards’ photos of birds are so beautiful that it is hard to select one. I finally did--and hung it over my organ. It makes my living room come alive.

Anonomous Palm Desert, CA.

I received the snowy plover picture as a gift. The composition and setting are of course wonderful, but the detail in the feathers and the sand is truly extraordinary. Every time I look at the photograph, I feel that I am communicating with the bird, understanding the bird in a way that I've never experienced before, and that I could practically reach out and touch it. You need to see Allen’s photos up close to fully appreciate them , and then you will want them in your life.

Mark C. Palo Alto