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Walk straight out from the parking lot toward the bay but instead of continuing toward the bay, take a right turn just before the lagoon that would be on your right if you continued but will be on your left after you make the turn. The turn if just past the hill with the pole sculpture.

Continue to follow this trail with the lagoon and inlet river on your left. You might want to turn around as the trail becomes less interesting with the river obscured in shrubry. If you keep going, you would hit the frontage road for the freeway. When you turn back you will be a little more than half way on your walk.

When you return, instead of retracing your steps, turn left and go up the hill. This will connect with the parking lot trail on the other side of the hill.

The fenced off area on your left as your return is the Palo Alto city dump. Lots of seagulls there abut also flocks of red winged blackbirds can be seen lighting up the sky. I have seen the ring necked pheasant and other birds on the hill returning to the parking lot. The views are nice there as well. be sure to check out the wind sculpture and observe the patterns the wind makes.