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This is my favorite walk becasue it has so many options. It is easy to make it almost any lenght because it is not one big loop. Start at one of the parking lots and work your way along the leavy to the Nature Interpative Center building. From there you can walk around the back and along the bordwalk out to the edge of the bay. You might see the rare Clapper Rail as you walk along. They are not shy but there are nontheless rare and not seen often. Back to the leavy, you can walk as in the 3 mile loop but stop at the end of the runway. Then backtrack and go over toware the duck pond area. There are two loops you can take, One is around the parking lot, often closed. The loop goes along the road and around the water across from the nature center. The other loop is around the duck pond. These two loops form a figure 8 and meet at the duck pond parking lot. More detailed descriptions of these two looks can be found under each of the half mile walks.